The company


The ABC Development provides comprehensive and effective services in the construction, development and management of real estate in the residential and commercial space. 

The field of activity of our company includes the following:

  • Constructions of residential complexes, and commercial, tourist 
    and industrial real estate
  • Mediation in real estate transactions (purchases, sales, rentals)
  • Mediation in commercial real estate (purchases, sales, rentals)
  • Income properties
  • Management and development of real estate investments
  • Advisory services on environmental impact studies, 
    .recognition of forest property. 


From its foundation until today, the ABC Development  managed to establish itself in the real estate construction and transfer market. 

Stations in its course so far are the construction of commercial - professional buildings and quality homes throughout Crete, as well as its participation in development-investment programs of construction projects. Also, the ABC Development  has created a network of real estate transfer consultants in Crete. 
Its successful business development of ABC Development  and the rapid expansion of its customer base in its years of operation are the best guarantees for the future course of the company. 


For our philosophy, the center of action and development is the ‘customer-human’.

Understanding the importance of real estate in the daily life of citizens and businesses, we respond quickly and dynamically to the requirements of the modern real estate market.

We adapt our services to the special personal needs, financial capabilities and desires of the individual and the entrepreneur-investor, always aiming at the highest possible quality result.

We operate with core business values of flexibility, reliability and professionalism. The company is committed to continue to serve the modern needs of its customers, closely monitoring developments in the field of construction and real estate services. Finally, every day we adopt the most advanced management and marketing techniques.


Our constant goal in ABC Development  is the provision of complete and effective solutions for the construction, sale, purchase, management and development of real estate. We seek to maximize the value of your investment in the real estate market. The quality constructions of buildings and the provision of high level services adapted to your special needs, are the levers of development of our company.


In ABC Development we consider our people as the most valuable factor of a successful course. The company has a specialized human resources consisting of experienced and reputable professionals in the following specialties:

  • Real estate development and transfer consultants
  • Mediation and investment consultants
  • Financial services consultants
  • Technical consultants (architects, civil engineers, surveyors)
  • Legal advisers
  • Consultants for development, utilization and project management studies.
  • Land development and utilization consultants

Also, the ABC Development is rapidly developing a network of partners and support offices throughout Crete. 


Having a broad capital base, the ABC Development  has built a plethora of modern quality homes and commercial spaces, while it has to show rich work in providing mediation services and utilization of large real estate.

The extensive know-how and experience of the company have ensured the building of a relationship of trust and mutual cooperation with our customers, which include individuals, companies, institutions and professionals-investors.


In ABC Development an experienced team of designers and engineers of application and construction site undertakes the design and construction of buildings combining technical perfection with economic efficiency. Long-term cooperation with experienced contractors and subcontractors allows us to offer creative and reliable solutions in the construction of residential, commercial, tourist and industrial buildings.

Finally, the company undertakes studies and constructions of restoration and renovation of buildings


To serve your special needs and requirements, the ABC-DEVELOPMENT offers the following wide range of services: 







In ABC Development We have extensive experience in guiding our customers through the process of buying a property. Below you can read a summary of these procedures:

  • Home Presentation Appointment
  • Purchasing Process
  • Means of payment

Appointment Schedule:

If you are in Crete do not hesitate to ask us for a detailed presentation of the houses developed by ABC DEVELOPMENT. Please contact us via e-mail: [email protected] or just call us at +30 2810 315 001 to book an appointment day and time that serves you.

If you are not a resident of Crete and you plan to visit the island in the near future, please contact us and inform us about the dates of your visit, to make sure that a representative of our company will be available at that time.

Before making the appointment:

Take some time to describe to us your specifications, needs and desires for the purchase of your new home. This will help us to present you the properties that are closer to your needs and will make the process of finding the house of your dreams easier.

During the presentation:

Our Company Representative will be able to answer any questions you may have about the property you are visiting, as well as more general questions that may concern the process of purchasing a property.

ABC DEVELOPMENT is looking forward to meeting you up close, and it will be our pleasure to meet your real estate needs in the best possible way.

Greek law requires buyers to have their own lawyer, during the process of buying and selling the property, which gives you the best guarantee that the process follows the correct methods. Your solicitor will draw up a power of attorney, which means that he or she will be able to sign any supporting documents in your absence. Therefore, you do not need to be present either in the purchase process or in the signing of the contract. You can of course handle the buying process yourself, but the cost will not be less.

The lawyer will arrange to:

  • open a bank account
  • to issue VAT.
  • to consider any legal encumbrances on the property
  • to examine all the contracts that have been registered in the property
  • the control of the technical plans concerning the property
  • payments from the customer
  • the contract for the notary

The time you estimate from the deposit to the signing of the final contract is about two (2) weeks.

The cost of property ownership in Greece is minimal - there are no annual property taxes unless the value exceeds 411,000 euros. Water charges are based on usage by the meter. Solar installation is a given, offering hot water at no extra charge for at least 11 months during the year.

In case of using central heating, we estimate the annual heating costs at approximately 200-250 euros. The cost of insurance is low, around 250 euros per year for a property of about 100 m2. This offers insurance against both fire and theft.

Once you find your dream home you will need to make a small deposit to withdraw it from the market. Then the ABC DEVELOPMENT will provide your lawyer with all the necessary documents to make all the necessary legal checks on the property as well as to prepare the papers for the final contract. 

Usually this procedure does not take more than two (2) weeks. It is self-evident that the deposit will be refunded in case there is a sticking during the above procedure. 

In case the house is finished (key-ready), the deposit is set at 20% and the remaining amount is paid by signing the final contract. In any case, based on what stage of construction your house is in, you will pay in installments the remaining price based on the following table. 

Method of Payment (when the house is still under construction)

Total 100%
5% down payment (engagement)
30 days (by deposit) 15%
Start of earthworks 20%
Erection of masonry 20%
Plastering - Floor - Roof 20%
Home delivery 20%


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